pHentron offer a special service - switch adapting toys (modification battery operated toys so disabled children can use then) at very reduced rates to help parents.

pHentron has also sourced 2 items; a remote power switch & auxiliary switch (see below) which could be of assistance to disabled people.

Remote Switch   Remote Power Switch  
Control appliances with the push of a remote control button.
This wireless control system can be used to remotely control an electrical appliance.
The remote switch has been adapted to use larger auxiliary switches for elderly and handicapped people.
$110 (includes GST + P&H - Typically $10)
  Foot Switch
  Auxiliary Switch
Very robust – originally sold as foot switches, we have modified them to make them more sensitive to hand touch, less than 200 grams to activate.
Cheap switches $25.00 (includes GST)
Switch adapting toys  
Almost all electronic toys can be switch adapted, so children with physical disabilities can use them.

The most common toys that are switch adapted are soft toys that can "sing & dance" when a switch is pressed in its hand or tummy.
Soft toys with a "PRESS HERE" switch are the easiest to adapt - we normally charge about $25 per item. Rigid plastic toys are sometimes more difficult to open to get to their electronics - these may cost a little more to adapt.

Toys (or other items) that are activated by sound, light or movement can usually be switch adapted also.
Repairs to switch adapting toys & other devices  
We can also repair damaged cables on switch adapted toys and 'jelly bean' switches.

For more information contact: Peter Henderson
  pHentron Mobile: 0408 305 325
  (ABN: 55 871 235 025) Phone: 03 5474 3187
  390 McIvor Road    
  Harcourt North, 3453 Email: peter@phentron.com
Note: our core business is performing electronic repairs on scientific instruments - we offer this switch adapting service at reduced rates to help parents with handicapped children.

Some examples of toys that we have switch adapted

Special Terms & Conditions for Switch Adapting Customers

With our vary cheap rates & the vast differences in toy design, we can not guarantee that all switch adapting is successful - there will be no charge for any item that can not be adapted (only return freight is applicable).

All prices include GST.

Any freight costs will be charged to the customer.

For companies, an invoice will be posted, terms of payment are 14 days from date of invoice.

For individuals, cheque or cash payment is required on completion of the work.

Warranty on all work is for 30 days from date of return of items and shall apply only to those parts of the item that was modified. Exclusions: damage caused to the item when it is miss-treated or used in circumstances it was not designed for. Warranty claims must be made in writing within 48 hours of finding any defect.

All correspondence to: pHentron, 390 McIvor Road, Harcourt North, 3453 or phone Peter 0408 305 325..