Repair of secondary school & university science equipment

The services pHentron provide to secondary schools has also greatly expanded, we have increased our stock of spare parts for most of the common school science equipment, plus we have arrangements with several local & overseas manufacturers for fast supply of other spare parts we may require.

pHentron provides FREE pick up & delivery of school equipment requiring repairs for anywhere in western Victoria.

School equipment we have repaired in the last 12 months include:

  Light sources for microscopes
  Van de Graaff generators
    Volt meters    
    Resistance  block  
  Ticker tape timers  
Signal generators  
Demonstration motor / generator    
  Balances - beam, top loading & analytical  
  Hot plates        

Magnetic stirrers

      Laser optical equipment  
    pH meters  
Power supplies  

We offer a free advisory service on what is repairable & safe for students to keep using.

If a piece of equipment is not repaired, we do not normally for the inspection.

All repaired equipment is given a full functional test and safety tested (including 'test & tag').

All equipment is returned with a comprehensive service report.

The following downloads are of particular interest to schools:
pH meters & common faults
Safety of school science equipment
Testing balances & common faults