Examples of general laboratory equipment that pHentron regularly repair

pH meters.
Hot plates, heating blocks, water baths, etc.
Electrophoresis - power supplies, tanks, leads, etc.
Optical equipment, microscopes, lasers, refractometers, polarimeters, etc.
Sample preparation - grinders, sieves, shakers, stirrers, separators, etc.
Pump, dispensers, diluters, etc. - peristaltic, syringe, etc.
Auto samplers.
Incubators & drying ovens.

We also repair & calibrate balances but this is a minor part of our business & unless we are doing repairs for your laboratory, we will normally recommend you contact one of the many companies that only do balances.

Examples of other more sophisticated laboratory instrument that pHentron repair & service.

Spectrometers - UV-Vis, NIR, AA, Mass Spec, etc.
Chromatography - GLC, HPLC, LC, etc.
Rheology & viscometers.
Thermal analysis - DCS, TGA, etc.
Microwave digesters & reactors.
Ultra sound instruments.
Projection microscopes for surface tension contact angle, etc.
Auto titrators.
Centrifuges - refrigerated, ultra high speed, etc
Incubators - cycling, refrigerated, CO2, etc.

We often repair older complex instruments which are no longer supported by the manufacturer or when the instrument supplier has gone out of business & there are no other Australian agency handling this equipment.

We also have a special service for secondary school science equipment.